Common subjects of conversation surrounding graduate management education in the media and among prospective students are its rising cost, diminished return-on-investment, and the seeming disconnect between learning outcomes and the skills modern employers demand.


Often what drives these kinds of discussions is anecdotal evidence from a small sample of individuals compelled to share their stories publicly. Although such feedback is important and should not be ignored, these examples often obscure what we know to be true for the vast majority of graduates based on data.


This webinar will explore the topics of employability, return-on-investment, skill development, the skills employers demand, and related issues by examining GMAC survey data, GMAT examinee data, and other reliable sources of industry information. Discussions of data insights will be paired with examples of how they can be practically applied at business schools and with explanations of their wider implications on the industry. The webinar will focus particularly on areas in which business schools can use employment and ROI data to enhance marketing and recruitment efforts. 


Register today for the opportunity to tell us what specific information you want to take away from your participation in the webinar. This webinar will be of particular interest to business school professionals working in the functional areas of admissions, recruitment, and career and alumni services, in addition to business school leaders generally.


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May 18, 2016 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Master's Degree Preferred: Employability and ROI Outcomes of a Graduate Business Education
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Eric Chambers
Rhonda Daniel
Matt Hazenbush
Gregg Schoenfeld
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